life is short - dessert first

from day one, this is a core philosophy of Arr' Place - even more so now

weekly whims

26 June 2021

somethings change weekly depending on market and our muses - this is where we tell you what they are


these items are made to order breakfasts for hot out the door service


a meal is what you make it

how to get food from Arr' Place to Your's

at the moment cash, good checks and pick-up

on saturday & sunday 8:00 am to 1:00ish pm is the way 

 ~ phone-in or ordering online during service ~

~ order ahead for next week starting on mondays until 9:00pm fridays ~

Aymee, Robert

this is us

in business since 1995 (never open but it’s ‘OKAY’ to         come by and get something to eat)
@143 SW Cliff Street.Nye Beach.Newport 541.265.4240

we buy locally, seasonally & organically whenever we can & then make most everything in house.
food is put up all summer long to have as much of the quality & flavors as possible until the next season.
In order to embrace & strengthen our connection with local food producers our menu is seasonal & subject to change


some of the harvesters we use


Amber’s Fish Connections⭐︎

Gathering Together Farm⭐︎

F/V Kylie Lynn⭐︎

Mc K Ranch⭐︎


Newells Seafood⭐︎
Rainforest Mushrooms⭐︎
Rivers Edge Chèvre - Three Ring Farm⭐︎
Wilcox Eggs⭐︎
Chelsea Rose⭐︎